MN-based Starkey releases hearing aid with fitness tracking, language translating … and Amazon Alexa

MN-based Starkey releases hearing aid with fitness tracking, language translating … and Amazon Alexa

Just when hearing aids seemed like they had reached the pinnacle of functionality, a new dimension has been added to the existing features you can expect. The Minnesota-based Starkey corporation has released a hearing aid complete with Artificial Intelligence: The Livio AI. This hearing aid has truly revolutionized what we might have imagined a hearing aid to do. In the past we looked to hearing aids merely to amplify sounds to a louder level for those who have hearing loss.

In the past several years, new technology has made connectivity to our smartphones and other computing devices via Bluetooth possible, making them doubly functional as mini headsets or earbuds that can stream sound directly to our ears. The Livio AI has taken hearing technology to the next level by coordinating its sensors with biometric measures, translating capability, and even, that’s right, Amazon Alexa. Let’s take a look at some of the new possibilities in this revolutionary new model.

Fitness Tracking

Devices such as Fitbit and the Apple Watch have enabled wearers to monitor all kinds of health outcomes and goals. Not only is it possible to track the number of steps you take in a day or how long you sleep at night, the sensors are remarkably sensitive to changes in the body, making it possible to track breathing rates, heart rates, and related stress levels. Mental and physical wellness benchmarks can be tracked with these devices, and the Livio AI took cues from those other technologies in developing its functionality. Via the Thrive Hearing App, Livio AI can track all of these measures, and more. Particularly, the ability to track listening and talking is a useful tool to understand social connectivity. The company considers these to be “brain health tracking,” including the possibility of social isolation. Health data tracked by the Livio AI can be stored in other apps such as Apple Health or Google Fit, making the aids an important piece of your fitness plan, if you choose to use this function through your ears.

Language Translating

Live language translating is an exciting new possibility of several technological innovations. Google’s Pixel Bud is able to translate what it picks up and deliver that speech to your ears in a language you recognize. Imagine the usefulness of this feature while you travel. In conjunction with visual translators, such as Google Translate, you might be able to thrive anywhere you go, even when you lack a basic working knowledge of the language spoken in this location. The Livio AI has picked up on this function for its hearing aids, making it possible to use the microphone to isolate speech and then to amplify the sound of your own language into your ears. Through the Thrive Hearing App, you can select the language you’d like to hear, and it can even detect the language around you through audible cues.

Amazon Alexa

“Smart assistants” are the wave of the future, with bots such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant, or Microsoft’s Cortana. These beings are designed to help with a number of tasks, including web searches, directions, and other information via voice queries. The Livio AI is not to be left behind as a device connecting you with a smart assistant, and it can be used to communicate with Amazon’s Alexa for these needs and more.

Other Features

In addition to fitness tracking, language translation, and voice queries, the Livio AI also supplies other functions that some hearing aids lack. Many have grown accustomed to using tap control for mainstream audio equipment such as Apple’s in-ear AirPods. The Livio AI hearing aids include this tap-control functionality, as well. Even more functions will be added with time, along with the development of Artificial Intelligence. For example, Starkey is developing an app to detect when the wearer of the aids has a serious fall, and it will be able to notify a group of emergency contacts in such an event. Just imagine the possibilities of artificial intelligence working in conjunction with hearing aids. The possibilities are nearly endless, and Starkey will continue to push the limits with the Livio AI when it hits wide global release.

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