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Our team represents 60 years of executive leadership in healthcare and hearing technology.

We are proud to bring Comprehensive Hearing Care to your physician’s clinic. Hearing loss is nearly universal as patients get older, and there is no better place to identify the problem and be prepared to address it when the time is right. You trust your doctor. We do too.

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Edina is a thriving community just southwest of Minneapolis with a population of 47,941. Known for its shopping, restaurants, parks, and recreational activities, Edina attracts visitors from the greater Twin Cities area to enjoy the amenities it has to offer. However, Edina’s heritage reaches much further back than what you see today. In 1971, the National Trust for Historic Preservation set aside May as Preservation Month in Edina, drawing attention to the many historical buildings and sites that deserve our preservation resources. Eleven different sites received the notice of the historic preservation community, and they remain leading attractions to the town. The Baird House was designed and built in 1886 by architect Charles S. Sedgwick and remains a prominent artifact of 19th Century Minnesota. The Browndale Bridge showcases the engineering heritage of the region with incredible design and construction. Many will be familiar with the Edina Theater sign, a motion picture cinema in the Art Deco style. The history of the Grange Hall can be traced to the Order of the Patrons of Husbandry, a national organization for progressive agriculture, and the building remains today. Of course, the Hendrick and Marri Oskam House can’t be overlooked with its butterfly roof, post-and-beam construction, and walk-out basement, all in the International style of architecture. The rich history of Edina pushes the muinicipality into the future, and France Avenue Family Physicians continues to build on that tradition.

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