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We are proud to bring Comprehensive Hearing Care to your physician’s clinic. Hearing loss is nearly universal as patients get older, and there is no better place to identify the problem and be prepared to address it when the time is right. You trust your doctor. We do too.

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The small municipality of Hinckley has much to offer the region, not the least of which is its location on the Grindstone River. Of the 1,800 residents, many can attest that the river lives up to its name, offering stones perfect for grinding and sharpening tools, and that is just what the Ojibwe name of the town, Gaa-zhiigwanaabikokaag, means: “the place abundant with grindstones.” Although the tragic Great Hinckley Fire of 1894 shook the region with the tragic death of at least 418 of its residents, the town has come back to thrive at the crossroads between the Twin Cities and Duluth. The Hinckley Fire Museum recounts this harrowing tale of a fire that swept through the region, taking down 200,000 acres of pine forests and subsuming the small town. Unsafe forestry and timber practices are to blame for the fire, wherein trees were stripped of their branches while standing. The detritus of branches was left on the forest floor, become a veritable tinder field ready for consumption when a drought struck that year. A temperature inversion trapped the gases of the fire, raising temperatures to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, hot enough to melt a barrel of nails into a single molten mass. Some Hinckley residents escaped via the Grindstone River, while others jumped aboard two trains that raced away from town, just ahead of the firestorm. Though this tragedy mars the history of the town, the charred land became fertile for farming, and the following decades saw great prosperity in the town. That prosperity continues today, making Hinckley a delightful place to reside or to visit.