• North Clinic, 15655 37th Ave N., Plymouth, MN, 55446
  • (952) 885-1906
  • M – F: 8am – 5pm

Our team represents 60 years of executive leadership in healthcare and hearing technology.

We are proud to bring Comprehensive Hearing Care to your physician’s clinic. Hearing loss is nearly universal as patients get older, and there is no better place to identify the problem and be prepared to address it when the time is right. You trust your doctor. We do too.

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Straight west of downtown Minneapolis, Plymouth is the third largest suburb in the Twin Cities, making it the seventh largest city in Minnesota in its own right. With this large population over 70,000 residents, you might wonder what makes Plymouth so special. Medicine Lake has been the hub of civilization in this area as long as historical record can account. The Dakota people named the lake Mdewakanton to commemorate a warrior who overturned his canoe in the lake and whose body was never found, meaning “Lake of the Spirit.” The natural landscape is integrated with the community today, bringing the spirit of the lake to bear on the thriving life of the town. Today, the city boasts excellent amenities such as excellent public schools and health care—including North Clinic—to make the city a great place to live, work, and recreate. Many sports players hail from the town, including chess master Andrew Tang, but perhaps the most influential resident is Jonas H. Howe, an antebellum abolitionist, civic leader, and artist. His landscapes and portraits are an important piece of the town’s cultural heritage, and his work as a prominent abolitionist culminated in his participation in the Civil War as a first sergeant from 1864-65 in Company F of the 11th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment of the Union Army. When he came home, he remained active in civil service, especially promoting the cause of local farmers within the region. Such a rich history of service and mystery leaves its imprint on the town and the region, making it a pleasant place to visit and to seek hearing services.