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Our team represents 60 years of executive leadership in healthcare and hearing technology.

We are proud to bring Comprehensive Hearing Care to your physician’s clinic. Hearing loss is nearly universal as patients get older, and there is no better place to identify the problem and be prepared to address it when the time is right. You trust your doctor. We do too.

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Occupying just 2.9 square miles of land, Robbinsdale is a thriving hub of residential and commercial life. Established in 1893, the suburban town was named after Andrew B. Robbin who had bought 90 acres of land, hoping to turn it into the rich community it has become today. The municipality became known throughout the greater Twin Cities region for an annual celebration that drew visitors from many parts of Minnesota and beyond. “Whiz Bang Days” was held annually on the second weekend in July, honoring local Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang books published by Fawcett Publications. The Robbinsdale Historical Society maintains a museum to commemorate events like this one in the history of the town. Today the town continues to work to preserve social equity throughout the Twin Cities area. Their fair housing policy and the associated city department strive to make sure that every resident of the town has secure, reliable, and safe habitation, and many education initiatives work to make sure that local schools continue to strive for excellence, serving the needs of all students and their families. Plans to expand the Blue Line will incorporate the town more fully into the region, making it accessible for visitors from elsewhere while also helping residents more easily get to other parts of the urban landscape. These features of the town make it a perfect place for comfortable living, and of course health care is one of those crucial features, with North Clinic at the center of hearing health in the area.

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